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Restoring Confidence In Bookmaking

Welcome to Fitzwilliam Sports

Fitzwilliam Sports is a brand-new Members only bookmaker based in Dublin. Discreet, dependable, and devoted to delivering the best service to you, Fitzwilliam Sports is different from your traditional high street bookmaker. Our membership is capped to a certain amount of clients to ensure that we can offer the flexible, high-end service that we want to achieve. 

When you call or live chat with Fitzwilliam you’re dealing with people who know their subject matter who will get a handle on your query in a swift manner not like our competitors, who are operating out of call centers across the world using staff with a communication deficit. Every decision we make will be explained with logic and rationale, we won’t hide behind our staff.

Why Bet with Us?

Fitzwilliam Sports is an old fashioned bookmaker in the modern world.  We’re not interested in offering casino’s, virtuals or slot machines. What we can offer you is a discreet and fast service that will lay a decent bet at a fair price with the security of Best Odds Guaranteed from 9am each day. This alongside our excellent customer service makes for what we believe to be a best in class customer proposition.

Fast Betting

Our messenger service is the quickest in the industry with reply times generally inside 90 seconds, Instant deposits & Fast withdrawals make for a very swift experience.

Fair Pricing

Our prices are based on Oddschecker’s average price of your selection. If a certain firm have a market or a price that you want, feel free to ask us and we will endeavour to price it up for you. 

Best Odds Guaranteed

Fitzwilliam Sports offers Best Odds Guaranteed to its customers from 9am on the day of racing. Up to a maximum of €1,000 per day in bonus payments.

Safer Gambling

We are a safer place to bet than the large firms. Our office has an opening and closing time unlike our competitors. Tools such as timeouts and deposit limits are available.

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