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Getting Started

Let’s get started! Here’s everything you’ll need to know about joining Fitzwilliam Sports.

How to Place a Bet?

Simply open an account and place bets via text or phone. Traders will confirm when bet is placed by text by sending back message or icon.

Are all horse races Best Odds Guaranteed?

We are best odds guaranteed for Irish & UK Horse Racing from 9am each day, on singles only.

Where do you get your odds?

We work off the average price displayed on Oddschecker

What is your minimum stake?


What happens if a mistake is made when I place my bet?

Very occasionally errors do occur but the good news is all calls and texts are recorded so any queries can be rectified quickly.


Here’s everything you’ll need to know about banking with Fitzwilliam Sports.

How do make a deposit?

Deposits can be made by calling/ texting the office. Payment methods accepted Deposit card, Bank Transfer, Pay Pal, & Revolut. Currency Euro.

Why is my bank card being declined?

Please first check that you have entered all the requested information correctly. If you have done this, and your transaction is still being declined, please contact your bank, as sometimes banks can block deposits to bookmakers as part of their fraud detection responsibilities.

Will winnings be paid into my banking account automatically?

Any withdrawals need to be requested. We endeavour to have cleared funds in customers’ accounts by noon the next day so there is no waiting 3-5 working days like some other Bookmakers.

Can I reverse a withdrawal?

We do not allow this.

Is my bank detail secure?

Most certainly. Your debit card details are stored securely on our Merchant Bank portal. All numbers are encrypted bar the last four so when topping up all you need to gives us is your 3-digit CVV number.

Will I get paid on first past the post and amended result?

We pay out on the first past the post winner and the official result in any UK and Irish horserace. Horses must carry the correct weight over the correct course.

Do you close winning accounts?

We do not close accounts. In order to be profitable we have to make a certain margin on turnover. So account restrictions are applied to bettors that we can’t beat or hedge their business because the price moves so quickly after they bet on the selection

How Do I View My Transaction History?

You can view your transaction history by requesting a statement from customer service.

How do I verify my identity?

As part of our licence responsibility, we have to satisfy ourselves that you are who you say you are and you are over 18 years of age. This process is called Know Your Customer. Your age will be verified automatically when you make your first deposit. During this process we will also contact you to provide documentation to verify your identity.
These documents may include:
Contract or bill from a utility supplier with address displayed less than 6-month-old
Drivers Licence

How will the information be used?

Any information provided will be treated in the strictest confidence. The information you provide will only be used to establish that the money you use to transact comes from legitimate sources, such that we can discharge our regulatory obligation.

What will happen if I do not send in KYC documents?

Unfortunately, if you cannot provide us with sufficient information, we will be unable to accept any further business from you

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